Accolade 40oz Wool Carpet

Accolade 40oz is a wool carpet range made up of 20 modern neutral colours. This beautiful heathered range adds colour and texture to any floor. The heathered finish is perfect for those wanting to add a subtle style statement to any room.This range is also available in the heavier weight, Accolade 55oz.

Accolade 40oz Colour Palette

Accolade Argent Accolade Bayleaf Accolade Blue Sky

Accolade Earth Accolade Eclipse Accolade Golden Syrup

Accolade Grey Mist Accolade Hare Accolade Hazelnut

Accolade Hedgerow Accolade Hobbitstone Accolade Lily of the Valley

Accolade Mellow Gold Accolade Mink Accolade Moleskin

Accolade Oakleaf Accolade Pecan Accolade Rosehip

Accolade Seed Accolade Truffle